XVa – Sword of the Path




What you get:

A new generation sparring sword following the XVa Oakeshott type. The blade profile is optimized – with nicely sloped fullers, a gentle central ridge and thickened edges to ensure optimal flex/durability.

While most blades on the market are made of 5160-equivalent CrSi spring steels (and tempered to 48-50 HRC), these new line swords are made exclusively of top quality chromium-molybdenum steel with 56+ HRC hardness, which makes for incredible edge retention. The elasticity and springiness is ensured through optimized geometry and precise heat-treating at one of Poland’s best equipped facilities.

These swords are direct replicas of the blades used in The Sword’s Path videos – refined for optimal durability, balance, mass distribution and comfort. They’re also stamped with the Sword’s Path sigil.

Total length: 127 cm / 50 inches
Blade/hilt ratio: 100/27
Weight: 1550 grams
PoB: 9 cm / 3.5 inches

Got any questions? Send an email to alpha@audentia.eu

Processing time: 3 months + 1 week for shipping
Please refer to your country’s individual laws to make sure that possession of such a replica is legal in your area.

Additional information


no scabbard, + scabbard (170 EUR)